Film Reels



While filming, please adhere to the guidelines outlined below. 

PARTICIPATION DISCLAIMER: filmmakers are choosing to produce stories by their own volition, and Maine Street USA is simply providing a platform to house and stream those stories. If you're feeling at all under the weather or not like your usual self, sit this out until you're feeling better

FACIAL COVERING: Please wear a facial covering at all times while documenting. This is important both for your safety and the safety of your participants. 

OUTSIDE V. INSIDE: As we get into colder months, it may be harder to document outdoors, however, when possible try to film stories/slices of life  that can be documented in well aerated spaces where you are able to  maintain distance.

COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE: Above all, navigating producing stories in the midst of a pandemic is about communication. Set clear boundaries around your comfort levels and ask your participants to do the same. 

DO WHAT THE CDC SAYS: When in doubt, follow official CDC Guidelines. You can find those online, here